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Trophies Awarded at the 2016 Championship Show

The following 2016 annual and Rex CC Championship Show Trophies were awarded in October 2016. Many congratulations to the winners and supporters of our club. 


Overall 2016 Trophy Winners  

Open Awards:

Overall Points - Aristo Stud

Overall Diploma - Shane Ross

Solid Points - Aristo Stud

Agouti Points - Redlands Stud

Agouti-Bi Points - Aristo Stud

AOC Points - John Day

 Juvenile Awards:

Juvenile  Points - John Day

Juvenile Diploma - Dean McIlwraith


2016 Championship Show Trophy Awards

Open Trophies:

Best in Show - Marave Stud

2nd in Show - Marave Stud

3rd in Show - Marave Stud

Best Boar AA - Marave Stud
Best Sow AA - Marave Stud

Best Solid - R & L Monk

Pickersleigh Shield for Best Agouti - Marave Stud

Best Agouti-Bi - R & L Monk

Best Californian Rex - No Entries


Best Adult Sow - Marave Stud

Best Adult Boar - Marave Stud

Adult Solid Sow - None entered

Adult Agouti Boar - Marave Stud

Adult AOC Boar - Abi Pizer

Best 5-8 Boar - Marave Stud

Best U5 Sow - R & L Monk

Best U5 Boar - R &L Monk

U5 Solid Boar - none entered

 Juvenile Trophies:

Best Juvenile in Show - Savannah Cavies

2nd Juvenile in Show - Dean McIlwraith

3rd Juvenile in Show - Savannah Cavies

Best Juv Adult Boar - Dean McIlwraith

Best Juv Adult Sow - Dean McIlwraith

Best Juv 5-8 Boar - Savannah Cavies

Best Juv 5-8 Sow - No entries

Best Juv U5 Boar - No entries

Best Juv U5 Sow - No entries



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