Claiming Championships

Rex CC Championship ClaimsTo claim a Rex CC Championship:

Rex CC Rule 9 – Championship Certificates will be awarded, on application to the Secretary by the owner, to Rex cavies which have won five First Prizes in Breed Classes, at Open Pen Shows under at least advertised in the Cavy Press under at least three different Judges, these judges to be Rex Cavy Club or recognised panel judges. There must be a minimum of four entries in the Breed Class for the win to count towards a Championship. No more than two of the five qualifying wins maybe in Young classes”).  Cost of Championship Certificates is to be by donation as a minimum this should cover the return postage.

Double ChampionshipsAs above, but ten First Prizes under four different Judges.

Treble Championships
As above, but fifteen First Prizes under five different Judges.To claim a Rex CC Juvenile Exhibitors Championship: Rex CC Rule 9a – Juvenile Championships are awarded to juvenile members owning a Rex cavy which have won five First prizes i Open Pen Shows advertised in the Cavy Press under at least three different Judges. There must be at least four entries in the class if there are less than four entries in the class then ask the judge to sign the card to show that the exhibit is worthy of championship status. The claim for a Juvenile Championship should be forwarded to the Secretary accompanied by the appropriate registration fee.  Juveniles are to be aged between 6 years and 16 years old.