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Rex Cavy Club Show Dates 2017

All Rex Cavy Club Rosette and Points Shows are listed below and also repeated in the calendar.  The upcoming events can be found on the right hand side of all pages of this website.

Please note: Rex Cavy Club Points Shows do not have their own schedule, points are awarded from the host club's schedule.  Rex Cavy Club rosettes and prize cards are only awarded at Rosette Shows and the Rex Cavy Club Championships.

                 Rex Cavy Club Show Dates 2017
Show Details
5th March
Selston Cavy Club - Points Show
8th April
Keighley - Rosette Show
Brian Leiper
23rd April
Sandbach Cavy Club - Points Show
20th May
Devon County Show - Rosette Show
Ian Reynolds
28th May
Oswestry - Points Show
10th June
Royal Cornwall - Points Show
24th June
SW Championship Show - Rosette Show
Mary Jaffa
15th July
National Cavy Club at Stafford - Rosette Show
Shane Ross
12th August
Fareham Cavy Club - Points Show
9th September
Real London - Rosette Show
Pete Wardman
23rd September
Lincolnshire Show - Points Show
23rd September
Scottish National Show - Points Show
1st October
Birmingham Cavy Club - Rosette Show
Paul Conway
21st October
Cornish Championship Show - Points Show
  18th November
  Rex Cavy Club Championships at Wyvern
Boars: Linda Monk
Sows: Rob Monk
Juv: Julie Gallagher

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct 21 All Day
Saturday, Nov 18 All Day

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