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Rex CC Points Competition

What is this?

The Rex Cavy Club Points Competition is for Rex Cavy Club members only.  The competition runs for twelve months starting at the Rex CC Championship Show (in November each year) until the following Rex CC Championship Show.  There are two separate competitions: for the Open Classes and for the Juvenile Classes.

What Shows are eligible for Rex CC points?

The Rex Cavy Club Championship Show, Rex Cavy Club Rosette Shows and Rex Cavy Club Points Shows are eligible for points.

How are the Rex CC points allocated?

The points are allocated against the breed class only for the Open Section and the initial breed class (Agouti / Agouti-Bi or Solid / AOC) for the Juvenile Section.

Points awarded depend on the category of the Show according to the table below:

 Show Category 1st  2nd 3rd
 Rex CC Championship Show 12 8 4
 Rex CC Rosette Show 6 4 2
 Rex CC Points Show (hosted from local clubs schedule) 3 2 1


Who should I contact if I have further questions on the Points Competition?

 Please contact Jo Day, the Points Secretary,  at a show or via email to rexccpoints  or [email protected]

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